Joyce Cole

Founder, JSC Consulting

Turning a Passion Project into a Business: Joyce Cole’s Launch1000 Story.

When Joyce Cole’s good friend suggested she join the Launch1000 program she didn’t immediately think it was a fit. What Joyce saw as a passion project helping friends learn more about their family’s genealogy others saw as the seeds of a new business. And, after a little convincing, Joyce took the leap and joined Launch1000.

“I never thought about being an entrepreneur. Ever,” Joyce said. “I was just following my passion.”

Before joining Launch1000, Joyce spent 3-years helping friends and family learn more about their roots. Her passion for helping people understand their connection the community through their family history was already generating referrals – but Launch1000 helped her hone her concept and think about what she was doing as a business.

Here are a few highlights from Joyce’s journey to launch JSC Research.

Biggest Breakthroughs or A-Ha Moments:
“Learning about myself and the value I bring to the world was a huge part of this process. Learning how what you do lines up with who you are as a person allowed me to see this business was my calling.”

“I never would have done this level of market research without Launch1000. Looking at your competitors and realizing that some of them may be your strategic partners…understanding what they are doing and not doing…it all helps you to see where your business fits and what you can bring to clients that they cannot.”

Top Takeaway from Launch1000:
“This program taught me that it’s okay to scale my business slowly. I am a genealogist who is also a working historian, so I want to remain visible in the community and grow my business at a manageable pace.”

What’s Next:
Now that Joyce has completed Launch1000, she is focusing on writing three books and remaining visible in her community. She is teaching workshops and leading a genealogy camp for kids called D.I.G. Me (Discovery in Genealogy) where she helps youth understand how their families have contributed to the history of society and, in turn, gain a sense of belonging.

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